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Coping Skills



By Jenny Kerr

An article published by the Irish Examiner, entitled ‘Our shameful asylums’, shows that in the early 19th century Ireland’s handling of issues surrounding a person’s mental and emotional state were dealt with in a very businesslike manner.  Due to this, many people suffering from various forms of mental health issues were often placed into facilities such as mental institutions or ‘asylums’ as they were known in those days.

Conditions in these asylums were harrowing.  Patients or ‘inmates’ as they were called back then, were placed in cells that had little or no ventilation and were chained to their beds while being subjected to bizarre experiments.  These cells contained corpses, which lay on the floor for days without being removed.  Due to overcrowding patients were exposed in the winter and were left vulnerable to ‘fevers’

This was how people coped with mental health issues…

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War – What/Who is it good for? — MEDIABILITY IRELAND

By Jenny Kerr The 24th of April 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising in Ireland; the day when our country finally broke away from Great Britain and became a Republic. Was it really worth it? I suppose in terms of the laws that Ireland were governed under during that time then […]

via War – What/Who is it good for? — MEDIABILITY IRELAND


By Jenny Kerr The time has finally come; the time that some people may dread! I am officially the big 3-0! I’m sure some of you, who are old enough, will remember the so called Y2K or Millennium bug. This was the name given to the bug that people believed would cause computers or software […]


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!


By Jenny Kerr

Jenny K (Xmas)

The decorations are up.  The festive lights have been switched on and shoppers are packing shopping centres across the country in preparation for the big day.  Yes, it’s that time of year again; Christmas time!

The time children all over the world write their letters to Santa; in the hope that they will wake up on Christmas morning to find their gifts sitting under the Christmas tree.

There are certain things about Christmas that I love which those of you who are able bodied may take for granted.  Things like helping out in the kitchen with the making of the Christmas dinner, the cooking of the Christmas cake and puddings and our homemade secret recipe for punch.  My favourite part of the festive season though, happens around the 8th of December.

This is when my family finally ventures into the attic to take down our Christmas…

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Disability in Education


By Jenny Kerr


Choosing the best school for your child is one of the biggest decisions a parent/guardian has to make.  Add to that the responsibility of finding a school that is willing to provide the necessary services and accessible facilities that child will need if they have a disability.  These are the things parents/guardians of children with disabilities have to consider on a daily basis, alongside the factor of their child’s academic and social ability.

However, how much of a say in this decision do students with disabilities have if they are, in the eyes of the law, old enough to make their own decisions about important events in their lives including their education. Does the factor of their child having a disability, cloud a parent/guardians’ judgment when they are deciding whether their child should have a mainstream or special education?

In my own opinion, if a child is…

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I Wanna Be Like You


By Jenny Kerr

Mickey Mouse

Since 1937’s animated version of the classic fairy-tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney has been providing children all over the world with the necessary “life lessons” they need to help them to understand the world around them.  From the heart-breaking realisation of what life is like for those whose parent(s) have died, which was portrayed in Disney classics like The Lion King and Bambi; to the lessons of accepting those around you for who they are and not how they look, portrayed in movies like Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Movies such as these are great because they draw you in and allow you a couple of hours respite from the world around you and any problems you might be having. For me, these movies were about that but I could also relate to the characters and their…

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When I Grow Up


by Jenny Kerr

Jenny Captain Kerr, perhaps??

When you were a child what did you say when an adult asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up.  How many of you are actually in that profession now?  I wanted to be an athlete or a computer genius but I knew as a person with a disability there would inevitably be barriers that I would face.

We all have those hopes and dreams for our future but when you have a disability, dreams don’t often come true and you are left with the heart breaking reality of having to give up on the idea of working in your dream job for one more suitable given your physical or intellectual difficulties.

This really frustrates me!  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that people who are able bodied are experiencing major difficulties in finding employment, especially in these recessionary times.  But…

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